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This guide has been created aimed to help people and groups distributing their own audio-visual material for networking, public screening, redistributing via low tech public Video servers. These guides are task based rather than being based only on one software application with the focus on explaining the use of the [ FLOSS] software. This manual is remixed with manuals created through the [ transmission] network in collaboration with [ flossmanuals], [ ourvideo], and [ make internet TV].

HowTo publish and view Video on the internet

Tutorials by categories:

These categories form the backbone of these tutorials as we felt that there was a lack of clear documentation that didn't take a certain level of user understanding for granted in the area of digital distribution of Video content.

We acknowledge that the categories are not exclusive and that some tutorials do not fit neatly within the category in which they have been placed. The tutorials have been written with an aim of being self contained chapters. Where it is possible to break up a work process into stages we have tried to do that. The reason for this is so you can Remix the tutorials and create PDF documents which you can print off in your own order. This is ideal for training purposes when you need documentation for one part of this process but not others.

You may wish to look at the Flash based Tutorial finder mind map. It asks you diagnostic questions and suggests a tutorial which should help you achieve what you want to do if you are stuck.

If you have the means you may employ people who use commercial tools to do the job. We hope that by providing clear documentation on how to do it yourself without corporate tools that more of your budget can go towards production of media rather than it's distribution.

In addition to new technological possibilities offered by some of the tools described in these tutorials, there is also a need from video producers who want fill the gap for socially conscious communication of non-corporate media. We hope these tutorials can help this happen. Video material is tactically distributed to achieve positive social change, especially if used as part of an interesting programme of events, festivals, screenings talks etc. We have new technology which makes the digital distribution of it unlimited by the cash resources you have. It's limited only by the time people put in to make it happen.

You can download the converge manual as [ a pdf file]. As the converge project finished by September 2007 it makes sense to keep updated over the collaborators webpages [ flossmanuals], [ transmission] and [ make internet TV].

In the FurtherReading pages you can find infos around the discussion and use of FLOSS. In the ConvergeParticipants pages you can read about the Groups participated in the converge pilot project.

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