About Converge

One of ITM's objectives is using ICT for the production and distribution of learning materials and products developed by partners and target groups. Converge is a programme to enable young people to showcase their work on the web. A handbook and workshop program is produced to enable young people to fully utilise both existing offers and build their own open source software based sites. These will be piloted with Hi8us partipatory youth media projects across the UK.

Project leader: Rebecca Maguire, Office for Business Development Partner: Hi8us Projects, Hi8us South, Hi8us Midlands, Hi8us North, CIDA, Goldsmiths, University of London

About these Tutorials

Information about the pitch of the guides, the philosophy and technical tools for making them.

These tutorials may not give a total guide to the software involved but will show you how to achieve a specific task which is likely to be needed in the creation of a web video file or another form of viewing or distributing Video files. We decided to cover a fair amount of ground in these tutorials over 3 operating systems rather than complete guides. Some of this software is in rapid development and more complete documentation of the software may not yet be possible. When there is more complete documentation or a need for some we try to point that out.

The tutorials themselves are released under GNU GPL.

Also when possible the tutorials detail how to undertake tasks using Free Software. However they also detail how to do tasks using non- Free Software as well if the authors felt there was a need to create such tutorials. Because of the wide range use user skills it was felt that some tasks are so complicated in commercial software that an alternative should be given. Also at times the features of the Free software tools were not as developed as they should be so alternatives were offered. In these cases we have tried to make the development communities of the Free Software involved aware of our thoughts. In fact in most cases where documentation has been written about software, the communities that develop that software have been informed of the tutorials and asked to give feedback and improve them.

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